Outdoor Living

Create an oasis in your back yard with accessible decks, patios and pool areas.

These photos are from renovations and new construction so if the home you're considering isn't perfect but has "good bones", maybe some of these gorgeous kitchens will give you some ideas. Let your imagination run wild. If you have images or a designer to add, please let us know.

Inset Ramp
Offset Ramp
Concrete Pool Ramp
Hot Shot Pool Finishes
Dual Level Living
Highland Group
Highland Group
Stanton Homes 2
Roll in shower -
Carla Aston 1
Renovation by Carla Aston -
Carla Aston 2
Renovation by Carla Aston -
Carla Aston 3
Renovation by Carla Aston -
Carla Aston 4
Renovation by Carla Aston -
Stanton Homes
Accessible Bathroom by Stanton Homes
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