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How Do I Add or Edit a Property Listing?

Click ADD A PROPERTY from the top menu. If you are already registered, log in, if not, enter the information in the USER INFORMATION form, click the verification link in your email, log in and click the AGENT DASHBOARD link in the top menu.

Click ADD and enter the property details. Click APPLY often to save your information. Click SAVE to save without publishing, or SAVE & ACTIVE to proceed to the payment screen. When your payment is complete, your listing will be live. To EDIT a listing, log in and click AGENT DASHBOARD link. Check the box to the left of the listing and then click edit. You can do this at any time.

If your Company is not listed, you can add it at any time and edit your profile. This is optional for all listings. For sale by owner and single property accounts can and should skip this step.

How much are listings?
Standard listings are $39.95 and Featured listings are $49.95 for a 90 day listing. Featured listings are included in the random rotation on the front page. Full service listings are also available and can be ordered using the form to the right. To use self serve, just log in to the Agent Dashboard and add a listing.
Can you add my property listing for me?

Yes. We have a listing upload service that can get your listing added right away. Same day service is available for listing orders received before 11 am MST, M - F. You get your property, agent and company (if ordered) listing added with the information available from the URL you provide.

To get started, place your order on the right. We'll do the rest and notify you when the listing is added.

How do I edit my account information?
Log in and click AGENT DASHBOARD in the User Tools menu. Under the My Profile title, choose PROFILE INFORMATION to change your log in details, or choose ACCOUNT INFORMATION to change your Agent details.
How do I add a Real Estate Company listing?

If you're a Member (not Agent), log in and enter your company details in the Add A Company form. It will be submitted for approval. To edit your company information, log in and choose Manage Company in the top right menu.

If you are an Agent, log out, then choose Add A Company under Companies in the main menu. Enter the information, save and click the activation link in the confirmation email.

IMPORTANT: If you are a new user planning to add property listings, use your company email address, not your agent email address. You'll need your agent email address for your Agent account.

How long are Company Listings visible?
Company listings are visible for one year, keeping your information in available to site visitors even if you have no active property listings.

Order Full Service Listings

Enter the MLS, propety address, Agent name and company url in the Special Instructions box during the check out process.

Full Service Listings

Site FAQs

How do I get saved search notifications?
Register and log in. After searching, click the save icon to add your search to the system. When a mathching property is added to the site, you'll be notified by email.
How do I add a property to the Wanted List?
Log in and click the Add to the Wanted List link in the main menu. Enter the information and click the verification link in your email to publish the details. When a seller has a matching property, their information will be forwarded to you.
What Newsletters are available?
Choose from New Listings or the Wanted Properties lists, both are sporadic and go out when new content warrants the sending. You can opt out at any time.
How long have you been in business?
Accessible Properties was established in 1996 as part of the DisabilityOnline.com website and moved to AccessibleProperties.net in 2004. The site has been in continuous operation in some form for over twenty years.
How do I edit or delete my Property Wanted listing?
If you were registered and logged in when you posted your ad, log in and click the edit icon next to your ad in the Wanted List page. If you were not logged in, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from the email you used to confirm and it will be removed.
How do I delete my account?
Log in and click the Manage Account link in the User Tools menu. Choose delete my account and click save. This will completely erase all Member and Agent content including newsletter subscriptions, and any directory, company and property listings attached to the account.

Advertising & Directory FAQs

How do I add my company to the directory?

Directory listings are part of the AccessibleProperties marketing tools package. It is suitable for NON REAL ESTATE companies that have products or services geared toward accessible living and real estate. To add a directory listing, log in, click Manage Directory Listings at the bottom left and select the item type on the right. Fill in the form and click submit.

To edit your Directory listing, click My Submissions in the right side menu. Listings are $89.95 per year and include targeted and random display ads.

What ad sizes and formats do you accept?
336 x 280 pixels, .jpg, .png and video files up to 350k.
Do you offer video, print or other ad services?

Yes. Print ads are available in Accidentally Accessible and Disability Today magazine, and in our Expo promotional pieces distributed at the Accidentallly Accessible booths at Abilities Expos across the USA serving Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Boston and San Mateo. Video is also available at all the Abilities shows. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for dates and pricing.

How long are Directory Listings and display ads visible?
Directory listings and display ads are visible for one year and can be renewed at any time. Additional ad exposure is avaiable as well.
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