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How do I search and save my favorites?

Anyone can search without logging in. Just use the search boxes anywhere on the site. To save a search, register, log in, perform your search and click the SAVE icon at the top right of the results.

How do I get a listing account and what are the differences?

New Users (without an account: Choose a package, enter your information, complete the payment, verify your account by clicking the link in the verification email. Log in and select any Listing Tool or User Tool.

Registered users upgrade by logging in and clicking any UPGRADE link from a Tools page.

All accounts (and associated listings) are for 1 year, and have space for 48 images, a video, 4 attachments and social media tools.

For Real Estate professionals without listings. Have your Agent profile and contact information in the directory so buyers can find you. Ideal for buyers agents and those looking for new clients. Upgrade to Standard or Featured at any time. Sign Up Here

Standard package has unlimited listings, 48 images per listing, attachments, property and complex manager. Upgrade to Featured at any time. Sign Up Here

Featured Property listings randomly display on the front page and are marked as Featured where shown. Sign Up Here

Vacation Listings
One year listings, no revalidation, with all the same features as a rental / sale listing. Sign Up Here

Complexes / Developments:
Complexes display in specific areas in addition to individual listings. Includes links in Complexes section. These listings are for 1 year each and have additional options to list individual units as well as the entire property. Sign Up Here

Who should add listings here and why?

Who should have listings here?
Anyone with an available accessible property or properties including FSBO, Property Managers with a single unit, complex or multiproperty development and Sellers and Agents or anyone who:

  • is looking for more listings
  • is interested in creating name recognition in a niche market
  • has properties for sale or rent
  • has listings on other sites that have limited accessibility features detail space

Even if you don't have any current listings, keeping a Profile subscription on the site will allow visitors to find you.

Why should you have listings here?
4000+ monthly visitors have performed over 2 million searches since 2007. They are specifically looking for sale and rental housing with access features in all geographic locations and price ranges.

Extensive access features let you describe your listing in detail. 48 images, Virtual Tour and the usual real estate information makes it an ideal showcase for your property.

Buyers need informed and knowledgeable Representatives. Even if you don't have an available sale or rental property, if your business includes buyers, they're here looking for you.

How do I add a Wanted Property?

Register, log in and enter your search criteria in the Wanted Listings form. Click the publish link in your email. The criteria will be added to the list. No contact information is posted.

I have a Wanted Property match. What do I do?

Add your listing to the site and the owner of the Wanted Listing will be notified. If they are interested in your listing, they'll contact you through the Agent system on the site.

Can you add my property listing for me?

Yes. We have a listing upload service (for Agents with accounts) that can get your listing added right away, with same day service during office hours (MST). It's fast, affordable ($29.95 per listing - quantity discounts are available) and very convenient. All we need is a few pieces of information.

You get your listing added (with the information available from the URL you provide), your basic profile information (name, photo, office address and url) and your company profile completed.

To have us enter the info for you, simply make your payment and in the text box enter the City, MLS number, Agent name and the URL where the photos and listing information is. We'll do the rest.

City, MLS and Agent name
Listing URL

How are upgrades and renewals handled?

Log in and click the UPGRADE link on any Tools page. Choose the package you would like to upgrade to. All available discounts and credits will be calculated and applied automatically and your account will be adjusted to the new level immediately.

Renewal reminders are sent 21 and 7 days before the expiration date of your package. To renew, log in, select "My Subscriptions" from the Account menu and click the renewal option you prefer. To let your listing and Company and Agent profiles expire, simply disregard the emails. Your Company profile, Agent profile and property listing(s) will be unpublished. You can reactivate them at any time by purchasing a new subscription.

I'm the property owner, can I post a listing?

Yes. You don't have to be a Realtor or Agent to list a property. Just enter your contact information in the Company and Agent areas.

Adding and managing listings - step by step.

Register, select your package, verify your account and log in.

When you are logged in, the Listing and User Tools menus will appear in the top menu and in your user area. All listing and profile information can be edited at any time.

Profile Wizard holds all your Company / Agent contact information. Add and edit that at any time. If you don't like how your name appears in your listings, click the Change Your Username link in the Listings Tools.

New Property and New Complex Wizards are for adding new individual listings and new complexes. Select the tabs to enter the property details.

Information is saved ajaxly in real time. You may see a small symbol appear briefly before the saved message.

Some options have additional selections that will appear after you check the box. Click any that apply, to select more than one, hold the CTRL key while selecting.

The Property Manager and Complex Manager links take you to listings you already have in the system. Click the EDIT button to make any changes, and finalize the listings to publish them.

To use Youtube videos, enter the full embed code in the text area.

How do I add a Directory listing?

Directory listings are for companies that have products or services geared toward accessible living and real estate. To add a listing, log in, click Manage Directory Listings at the bottom left and select the item type on the right. Fill in the form and click submit. To edit your listing, click My Submissions in the right side menu. Listings are $49.95 per year or free with a link back to

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